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Did you know that our spells are proven to deliver the fastest and most powerful results?

Fact: By listing only the best spells from some of the most successful and accomplished spell casters we have maintained an unmatched success rate in spell casting.

Fact: These spells are completely customized to your specific situation and are able to work even in situations that are complex and may have proven stubborn.


Did you know that our psychic readings have been so accurate and reliable that we have one of the most loyal clientele in the world?

Fact: Our clients constantly report to us that our psychic readings are accurate and detailed beyond comparison.

Did you know that we have established the highest client satisfaction?

Fact: To promote our client loyalty, we promptly attend to concerns and answer all questions prior, during, and after the commission of a service.

Do you still have questions? Ask Grace Now with Email.



Question: How do spells work?

The practice of casting spells is ancient, the energy manipulated by a spell cast is based on the principles of quantum physics. Recently scientists have come around and told us about quantum physics - and how spell work effects the energy field to bring about results.


Question: Do I need a spell?

We are not here to tell you that you need a spell to solve a problem in your life, We don't see that to be our place to do. This should be entirely your own decision. If you decide to try other means first, that's fine. If you do wish for us to intervene on your behalf, then we will do our utmost for you and support you every step of the way.


Question: Will your spell(s) will work for me?

Yes, with our great body of experience we can give you our assurance of quality on everything we list on our site - However it is true to say that most people who fail are those who give up too soon or do not follow instructions correctly. Our results are excellent for all those who truly committed to results and stay positive without giving up when results are just about to manifest. If you don't feel that it is going to work out for you, then we suggest that you give us a chance to prove you wrong. We will tell you exactly what to expect in your situation. For this reason, the results can be guaranteed in majority of cases, the timing however, is difficult to predict with accuracy. An aspect of spell casting is that results tend to happen when they are supposed to in order to create lasting results.


Question: Are black magic Spells safe?

All forms of our spell work is very powerful, but completely safe for our clients. Some of our darker spell casts do require an offering or pact with spirit entities, but this debt is incurred by the spell caster conjuring the spell, not the recipient of the energy conjured.


Question: Why are your prices more expensive than other spell casting services?

Most of our pricing reflect the materials and the amount of work required in our spell work. Beside covering our costs for the time involved and the materials needed we price our services in accordance with the superior and reliable results we provide in comparison to other spell casting services.


Question: How can I make a payment?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and echeques, thru PayPal. This ensures that our clients are of legal age to order a service thru us as well as guarding ourselves against online credit card fraud. Storing payment card information is risky. Weíve seen stories about companies getting in trouble for losing credit card information. To protect your payment details from hackers and other technical risks we are outsourcing the risk management to a trusted third party. This practice gives you the greatest confidence that when you purchase from us your financial details are safe. If you cannot make a purchase from us with a credit card or PayPal, contact us to discuss alternative forms of payment available.


Question: How do I send the information you require?

Email is always the best and quickest method. If a photograph has been requested for your work, this can be sent as part of the email itself or as an attachment to the email. Alternatively you can include your information on the PayPal payment page in the field titled "Instructions to merchant". Please note that if we do not receive any additional information from you, we will perform the service by using the details given to us by PayPal with your payment receipt.


Question: Do you give refunds?

No, this service's sole purpose is to provide results not refunds. Any work performed for you requires time and energy and in most cases expensive materials that cannot be returned and re-sold.


Question: I would like to learn witchcraft, magic or clairvoyance. Can you help me?

Yes, from time to time we do offer spells that can assist you with psychic abilities and witchcraft with expert guidance from one of our master spell casters.


Question: How do your spells work remotely?

The energy of a spell can reach you in any location, providing that we have your full name, a spell caster can channel your unique energy line and infuse new energy into it to affect a desired outcome, in the same way a psychic can make such a link without you being physically present at the time of the reading.


Question: Iíve had spells cast before that didnít work. My situation is complicated. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We can help you. Our spells have produced positive results for clients who have come to us after repeatedly experiencing unsuccessful results from spells commissioned thru other spell casting professionals online.


Question: How fast can I get my spell casting?

I want my results fast! We are always in contact with you throughout the process of spell casting, often we are ready to cast your spell within 12 hours. Most of the clients get results in 1-2 weeks. Some clients are very open spiritually and therefore see instant results! Those clients who have an emergency situation should order one of the most powerful spells. The most powerful spells tend to produce results much faster and are also automatically placed to be cast in high priority.


Question: How long will the influence of your spell last?

Our spells are usually permanent and retain their influence for decades. However, spells of shorter duration or life-long spells can be requested.


Question: Do you have any guarantee that I will see results?

YES! Instead of a money back policy, we have a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE we ensure that every customer is satisfied with our spell castings. We will endeavor to bring about the results you paid for, as we have for countless other clients before you. In the event of a spell taking longer to manifest we will not apologise and refund your money, instead we will revise your case, find the reason, then give you the choice of a free recast or a great discount towards the more powerful full moon spell service by our coven of 13 witches and warlocks.


Question: Unsure of which spell to order?

It is always best to go with your gut-feeling on which spell is the right one for your situation. If your problem is unique and need guidance on choosing the appropriate spell to order, email us for a free consultation.


Question: What can I do to help my spells do its work?

Yes, it helps to stay positive while acknowledging the positive change as they show up in your life in a compounding effect. At times though these changes occur all at once, therefore, you need to maintain your positive outlook while things are happening beneath the surface. In cases where a situation is affected by other factors, the casting of multiple spells which are designed to address all aspects of the problem can result in a faster and more powerful outcome.


Question: Will your spells conflict with any other spell casting?

Our spells do not conflict with spells cast by other spell casters. In many instances previous spells have paved the way for our spells to work even faster and in a more powerful fashion.


Question: Are spells always a good solution to a problem?

Not if you are in physical danger, or have suicidal thoughts, in such cases you must contact the proper legal or medical authorities.


Question: What can I expect from a full-length psychic reading?

Your satisfaction is important to us. What is important to you is also important to us.
We are here to offer guidance and answers.

Our psychic's channeling of your energy line is recorded in an audio file. The file is then typed and formatted into a PDF by Grace before being emailed to you.

All of our readings are long and detailed, unlike a half page email reading or a full page email reading, our psychic readings are at least 3,000 to 10,000 words in length, spanning more than forty pages.

It takes about two hours to channel and two hours to type and format, our costs are a major component of the price charged. When you commission a reading from us we are focused on you, for as long as we need to address your situation, we do not charge by the word or by the number of questions that you ask, even if these come to mind after you have received your reading.

You will understand why we are so popular after you receive your reading.

If you only need a short reading or answers to specific concerns, you can purchase a quick reading which is usually 1,000 words long. Quick readings are a convenient way for you to receive accurate answers to your questions or issues fast and to the point.

Your privacy and confidentiality are assured with us. I will reply by e-mail within 72 hours with your personal and detailed psychic reading ( usually 5,000 words, approximately thirty pages ).

A full psychic reading encompasses all areas of your life, however if you want a particular aspect of your life to be explored in greater depth, please provide a short account of your situation. You can provide background information of any situation you want our psychic to address with greater depth on the PayPal payment page or via email.

Any background information you choose to provide, will enable our psychic to be more accurate in his or her interpretation of the images and feelings that come through during the psychic channeling of your energy line.

Our policy is for psychics not to be too specific in interpreting the feelings and images that came into their minds during the channeling of a client's energy-line.

Being conservative in the interpretation of messages ( in the form of images, words, and feelings ), received decreases the possibility of making incorrect assumptions in some crucial aspects of the reading.

When compiling a psychic reading, we try to maintain balance in allowing a client the opportunity to interpret our reports in the context of information that they may be aware of, but are not available to our psychic at the time of the channeling.

What you should know about psychic predictions, is that psychics who have learned to listen to their inner connection to the universe, sense the energy of others and events in their lives like a series of images and feelings, much like the reflections from a broken mirror.

It is through years of experience in piecing together these scant sensations and images that they are able to make an educated guess on the relationship between each piece of information received and its connections in an unbroken timeline.

As a policy, we never ask any more than the full name and location from a clients ( usually received via the PayPal payment notice ). A name is usually enough for one of our psychics to form an image of the client that reveals their approximate age, gender, tendencies, character, including past, and future meaningful events on their path in life.

If circumstances of a client are slightly different from a psychic's assumption ( A young single lady would not have anything in common with an older married gentleman ), the psychic interpretation to deviate wildly and any information provided to a client would not be received well.

In spite of their ability to see into the lives and the future of others with such accuracy, we do not allow our psychics to fashion your reading as a calendar of scheduled events for the future. It is a good idea for you to seek to understand your life and to know where your future is leading. This  strengthens your resolve and calm your fears while giving you the freedom and the power to determine your own future.

life is a journey not a guided tour, all experiences in life are lessons that you need to understand and appreciate, before you can determine your path in life and fulfill your destiny.

All of us at Psychic Palace wish to contribute to the happiness of our clients.

We believed that when you read what our psychic has to tell you, you will know that we have provided you with a wealth of information and in the context of what you already know, this reading will give you confidence in your future.

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Question: Can I ask you to comment on my psychic reading or spell report or ask further questions?

Yes, we offer follow up questions at no extra charge to you.


Question: I have not yet had an answer to my email to you and am getting concerned.

There are many reasons why this might happen. In general we answer all emails within 24 hours, but it is possible that your email to us, or email to you, has been lost. Our anti-spam program may have deleted your message in error. If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please write to us using our back-up email address psychicpalace at yahoo dot com dot au instead. Remember to mention your problem in emailing us so that we can add your email address to our 'white list' ensuring that future messages from you get through to us.


Question: Where can I download Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for you to read your psychic Readings and spell reports. You can download the Adobe Acroat Reader free of charge from http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/.



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