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Did you know that our spells are proven to deliver the fastest and most powerful results?

Fact: By listing only the best spells from some of the most successful and accomplished spell casters we have maintained an unmatched success rate in spell casting.

Fact: These spells are completely customized to your specific situation and are able to work even in situations that are complex and may have proven stubborn.


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Did you know that we have established the highest client satisfaction?

Fact: To promote our client loyalty, we promptly attend to concerns and answer all questions prior, during, and after the commission of a service.

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Your spell worked and brought him back to me. You gave me support when I was feeling hopeless. I feel truly blessed to have found your site. I sincerely hope others will take that leap of faith and let you help them as you have helped me!

Thank you for your magic, it has changed my life!

Cloe, New York USA


I donít want to make the details public, suffice to say god bless your soul for the wonderful gift. Iíve had the best night of my life last night! Stregata, I think that she is addicted to me now! She keeps calling me. ...and I love it!

Thanks for your magic gift.

Sean, Lakeville Minnesota USA


She was shy at first but kept gazing at me from across the cafť. She finally came over and confessed that she was so attracted to me, she couldnít help it and managed the courage to asked me out. Is this love spell a dream? you have done it. Please just donít let her find out about your love spell.

Thank you so much!

Ross, Melbourne AU


I am happy to let you know thanks to your spell Last night I had a dream but only remembered 5 lotto numbers anyway in the dream I was questioned how I got the winning numbers to win $30 million dollars and the ticket I bought was rejected for some reason. When I played the numbers, I won $14,000.00. My heart was racing so fast, it was incredible. After this substantial win, our lives have been totally transformed and are full of love . . . You said it would come right and it did. The reality is infinitely greater than the dream.

Peter, Molson Canada


You have literally turned my life around for me, as you said you would! My woman and I are marrying next month - she's so wonderful - I have a great new job, our house is beautiful . . . I am going to recommend you to everyone I know, and then they too can find happiness.

Thanks a bunch, I will never forget what you have done for me, I mean, for us.

Your Friend Bryan, Florida USA


Just as you said I would, I am now reunited with the person I love. I am happier than I've ever been as I can now look to an amazing future with the person I thought I'd lost for good.

Thank you and God bless.

Todd, Derby England UK


Dear psychicpalace, I wanted to let you know that since the spell was further cast by me (with your wonderful direction) I have a better outlook on life, more positive attitude, I started school part-time to become a paralegal, I qualify for all kinds of grants because I am a single mother, and I am in the process of maybe getting a part-time send me the offer letter, they called me now I need to see the letter. Which should be coming any day now. The only thing left is a love relationship, but mainly I feel as if a heavy load has been taken off of me, after the last 2 years of H***, and being on Government assistance, I have such a great outlook on life now and I am not so afraid of life, or people's rejection of me for whatever reason. I feel "light" if this makes any sense, I'm even losing weight now. YAY! Thank you


"Like anybody would be, I was very skeptical about using a spell but I was absolutely shocked when my lawer called me after I had you guys cast the "money spell" for me. It wasn't 24 hours that I had my spell cast that he called me. I was broke just month ago and now I just put a deposit to build my new two story home. Thank you all!" Dorothy Rodriquez, New York


Dear Grace, Thank you for forwarding Angela's readimg to me. I have just read through the PDF document and was thoroughly impressed with everything that was conveyed. I'm not afraid of being told the facts (the tendency to be saddled too much with other people's responsibilities plus a tendency to dim my inner light for fear of unsettling others are absolutely true). It is true that my past has been extremely challenging and painful and yet I have weathered them very well. Likewise, Angela was spot on in stating I am "in limbo" and poised to undergo a major transition; this I can confirm to be taking place right now. Redundant stuff is exposed and on the out in exchange for more relevant concerns plus a different life landscape. Uncomfortable, yes, but I sense just as much as Angela did it will be worth in the end. I'm so glad to be releasing a past that was never entirely of my own creation. I took note of her message: "###########". As bizarre as it may sound, it does have a very special meaning to me. A landscape that would be best described as tropical where I know I will meet somebody significant has been a very strong impression for the past three years. Good sign! In general I found Angela's reading intensely perceptive, not afraid to highlight potential limitations but able to resolve them with wise insightful advice, immensely inspiriing and as the eBay blurb declared, "eye opening." As you may have guessed by now I'm very very pleased as a satisfied client and you can expect positive feedback on your eBay page. Give my kindest regards and thanks to Angela: she has an amazing talent. Best wishes, J******


Hi Thankyou sooo very much for the reading It is so spot on. Do you think my husband has been unfaithful like his 2 brothers have over the yrs. B**** is a lot different to is brothers but he has had thoughts of him being with males he doesn't know why. I know he has been in contact with males & females via te net. I am unsure of whether I can trust him anymore. I love him he has just had a non cancerous brain tumour removed a very large one and is still in hospital. What do you think? M******........I'll be back u are the best reading i have ever had


You have literally turned my life around for me, as you said you would! My woman and I are marrying next month - she's so wonderful - I have a great new job, our house is beautiful . . . I am going to recommend you to everyone I know, and then they too can find happiness.

Thanks a bunch, I will never forget what you have done for me, I mean, for us.

Yours truly R****, Florida USA


Mr Lee is the only clairvoyant reader and I have hundreds that has been the most individual and most spiritual and also the most clear. He is more than brilliant, he has actually saved my life and put me on a clear path where others could have destroyed it. Please pass on my gratitude from my spirit and soul to this man who has literally saved me from a path of doom and actually saved my light, my love and my path. How can I give thanks to him for that, I cannot but the universe can. I wish him all the happiness, protection and spiritual masters around him at all times. He is generous of time and spirit but I believe that is because he is evolved. Much love to you Grace. If I had more that 10 lines on positive feedback on ebay it would not be enough to let people know how much this means to me. Love, light and much protection to you all H******


Hi Grace, This report from Angela is really amazing. I am dyslexic, and too much text, i cant read and cannot make out what they mean. I just went to my best mates house. I was there for 4 hours. He was reading each paragraph and explaining it to me in our way. Crystal spells definitaley worked for me! I really respect what you did for us. I really admire you. You are a great person. And i hope God fufills all your dreams, make you so happy! Angela opened my eyes to things! I always thought about myself not her. I was thinking of telling her im sorry and that she is right. And that in the past, i was doing everything for myself, not considering her. what do you think? Please give me your view because you have read the reading and I really want this relationship to last. Many Thanks. Mario, Toronto


Thank you so much Grace. When I released the spell I felt tremendous heat from the seal and faint voices although there was nobody there and it was near midnight which was strange. Last night I went out but he wasn't there so I was disappointed. This morning I felt upset wondering where he might have been but then a light switched itself on in my bedroom by itself so I'm hoping this was a sign from spirit saying that everything is going to be okay and not to give up hope. I've left you some positive feedback on Ebay. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Best wishes. Denise, Detroit xxx


Dear Grace and Mr Lee Chan, I'm glad to see your listing again and I have purchased 2 readings for my husband and my elder daughter. Since Mr Chan did a reading for B****** ( my son), my daughter was asking why she didn't have same reading just liked her brother did. So, this time I've decided that just let's do it all for the rest of family member. And here is their personal info: ****** ****** ****** ******. And I'm looking for forward to seeing their reading. Thanks. B******


Thanks so much Grace. Please can you pass on that after reading my reading last night, this morning I felt the need to enrol into something that would bring out my creative side. I just got online and enrolled in a Tribal Belly dance Class (8 week course) feeling really excited about it. I'm 42 but I don't care...lol Also feeling that a little singing course would be great fun too as I have always loved to dance and sing but don't do any of it these days...things have got way too serious I feel! Thanks again Grace. Love T****


Hi Mr. Lee, I just wanted to say Thank-you for the reading and healing, affects from both are still being felt. I was amazed by your reading, it is as if you have known me all my life; you know me better than I know myself. I feel very inspired by your words and the affects of your healing, re-energised in a more motivated way. My heart chakra is definetly my strongest and the people closest to me often say that I have the biggest heart of anyone they know. Your accuracy is astounding, I am going to recommend you to all my fellow believers and friends. Could not be happier with the reading. Thank-You again. With Respect, Maryanna Christen, Edmonton.


Grace, I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for the time that you and Alexander took with me in helping me to get John back. Through it all, you were there for me and helped me to get him back. God has truly blessed you with a very special gift. Never give up and always continue to follow Gods light as you have been and things will continue to look up for you. I have been blessed and I am grateful that God put you in my path. Teresa Ohio


As I promised from my first e-mail here is my testimonial. I told you I would write it once I got my wife to stop the divorce and come back to me. This may be a little late but I still want others to know what has happened with my spell. Since about 1 month ago the changes in my life that his spell has made for me have been amazing to say the least. In one word, I am flabbergasted! Jeremy, Sydney


Oh my lordy Lee, I GOT TERRY BACK. Im so excited, It only took a 1 1/2 weeks for him to come home. bless divinity and bless god. i must be dremin as i never thoughts he would be back to me after all this time. I am so much shock and just cant believe my eyes. thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anita, California


Dear Lynn, Here the updated as you have requested on my situation. I have had amazing things happen during the first week of my casting. Jason has done a 180 and is now talking with me and wanting to spend time with me again. I can't believe after all that has happened he actually turned around and divorced his wife. Its AMAZING! You are like a god send, an angel in my life. What can I say. Veronica and him just split up for good and he is wanting now to be with me. We went out last night and he confessed his love for me and the love told me how much he wanted to be with me. I still can not believe that he has turned around like this. I am in shock. He was so dead set on staying in bad marriage and not wanting to leave his wife that I could not see it turning around. You know you were my last hope. After getting scammed by many other spell casters that just wanted my money I am glad that I put my faith in just one more person. I am in your debt for a life time! Lesley, New York


What can I say but ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The spell did just as it said it would to the tee and even more. You are underestimating your spells my friend as they are more like miracles from Divinity. Blessing be with you and yours throughout life... You must be an angel on earth to be able to turn my love around! Jeffery


I prayed for this day for so long. I am so greatful for your magick and your ability to call for the Angels to help me. Without your blessed powers I would never been so happy. I will recommend you to all my friends." Emelia Sanchez, Miami, USA


Bless you and you co-workers for the help I gained. My debts are gone and my lover decided to return! Gail Patterson, UK


Dear Master Lee, This the best encouraging and strenghtening reading I ever had. You had me crying. I am proud of myself. But I will be cautious with all the coaching programs and will be focussing on myself in the future. Thank you again for Spirit to have looked into my Energy!! J*******


I found my reading absolutely fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Everything that he said was absolutely spot on, and everything that he said that was going to happen to me seems absolutely fantastic. I was very impressed actually. He did a personality analysis on me and it was really right - spot on. Regards, S**


Grace, you are truly working with a number of world-leading psychics. I think, they are not just psyhics, but more like spiritual communicator, to assist us with the self-growth, and self-development. Thank you for taking your time to help others. Warmest blessings, Thank you E******


Dear psychicpalace, Hello Grace, My friend I***** would like this reading but does not have a computer so I am letting her send for it through me, shortly. I will pay on my paypal account as she does not have one and she will fix up afterwards with me. I had one with Chen Lee and she would like hers with him as well. If I***** is gone before the reading arrives she knows I will relay the reading to her by phone and print it out to give her later. She will confirm this as I will get her to type in the box re; details for her reading. G*******


Hi Grace, sorry for replying you late. Since English is my second language, I had read my reading several times with looking up the dictionary and the help of my daughter's translation. Then I could fully understand the text. The more times I read, the more I got touched amazingly by Mr. Chan Lee. Finally, I really appreciate Mr. Chan Lee performing such an informative reading for me as well as you with your sincere service and communication. Thank you very much. I am so grateful to have you guys worked with. Sincerely, B***


The words to express the gratitude to you for the successful spell casting are to great to write down. I wouldn't even know how to express the gratitude for now having the second chance at love and life again. These are the types of things that money can't buy and people can't describe. Your work is amazing from the very first step to the results. Being there for me when ever I needed you and giving me advice along the way. Its just an miracle that I found you and God pointed me in your direction. More people should know of your work and how wonderful it works and has worked for me! Again, thank you for everything and I have referred a couple of friends to you. Sincerely, Janet



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